The Sound of Mmuock

Download The Sound of Mmock, Vol 1

This is the information site for the monograph The Sound of Mmuock.

Here you will find downloads, updates, errata, and some general information. More content will be added soon.

Obtaining the book

  1. The manuscript is distributed online free of charge. Get your copy here. PDF You can read the e-book on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Printed copies are distributed via various outlets. Details:
    Title: The Sound of Mmuock Vol. 1: Orthography
    Publisher: Magnoloan Publishers, Cameroon
    ISBN: 978-9956-645-17-6 (paperback)

For further information, please send e-mail to the author.


The following errors are found in the printed version of the manuscript:

Updates to electronic version

If you downloaded the e-book before Sunday January 1, 2012, you will find the following errors. All have now been fixed.

p10: mis-spelled Ntạ́ (pocket)
p64: incorrect definition for Ṫuòk (big intestine)

If you downloaded the e-book before Monday December 19, 2011, you will find the following errors. All have now been fixed.

	page 1: missing 'that'
	p13: - typing error: Ṗσ̄ (foot) instead of Ṗfσ̄ (foot)
	p23: - typing error:  instead of mà: Mba te ndzẽm mà.
	p19: - redundant closing parenthesis;
	p23: misplaced full stops
	indicated the dialect for some words:
	p14: (L) rat, p7 (L) Irish potato
	added clarification: p21: cooked/cried [it]
	p23: redundant 'the'

Your feedback

There is a facebook page and facebook group on the Mmuock language. You are welcome to participate.